December 01, 2009

"Letting Go of God" on Showtime

Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" will be airing on Showtime, Showtime 2, and Showtime Showcase.

Here's the description:

Actress and comic Julia Sweeney chronicles her tumultuous journey of faith from lapsed Catholic recommitting to the church to Buddhist, New Age mystic, and finally atheist whose philosophical transformation upsets her family in this fascinating one-woman stage show that follows up her acclaimed "God Said, 'Ha!'"

Here's the schedule:

  • Dec 2, 10:45 AM (Showtime Showcase)
  • Dec 2, 9:35 PM (Showtime Showcase)
  • Dec 5, 1:30 PM (Showtime Showcase)
  • Dec 7, 8:00 PM (Showtime 2)
  • Dec 8, 5:30 PM (Showtime)

I haven't seen it yet (and I don't get Showtime), but I have heard the CD version (the audio of her one-woman show), and that is very good. It's interesting, funny, and poignant, and I highly recommend it.

Here's the trailer:

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April 03, 2009

JREF and Atheist Media back on YouTube; Rational Response still suspended

The suspensions of the James Randi Educational Foundation's YouTube account and Atheist Media's YouTube account have been lifted. Rational Response appears to still be suspended.

The latest rumor is that it was a DMCA complaint from a large (unnamed) Christian group. Is that any more true than the earlier rumor of bots flagging the video as being in violation of YouTube's TOS?

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March 30, 2009

YouTube suspends JREF, Rational Response, and Atheist Media

YouTube has suspended the accounts of the James Randi Educational Foundation, Rational Response, and Atheist Media. The rumour floating around is that someone wrote a bot to automatically report all atheist-related YouTube accounts. We'll have to see how this plays out.

It would be nice if there was a presumption of innocence at YouTube, but apparently that isn't the case. Perhaps Vimeo is a better alternative.

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