February 07, 2005

Meet My Little Skeptic!

OrlandoSo what the heck have I been doing since the Skeptic News went silent in July 2003? Well, among other things, trying to create this little guy! Everyone, please welcome Orlando Henry Noel Hartshorn!

Wow, given how many babies there are in the world, what are the odds that I would wind up getting the cutest one, eh? :-)

Orlando was born on December 10, 2004 and has been occupying nearly all of our time since then. He'll be 2 months old this Thursday, which means he gets four -- count 'em, 4! -- vaccination shots when we see the pediatrician that day. Ouch!

His skills at the moment include eating, sleeping, and diaper filling, as well as grinning and laughing when his daddy dances for him.

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