November 22, 2006

Catching up is hard to do

Okay, I am a very bad blogger. I plead being a new father with very little time. (The fact that the child is nearing his 2nd birthday doesn't make me any less of a new father. I'm a bit of a slow learner.)

The previous post was made in July 2005. I had a few "I ought to post about this" moments since then and filed away a few links to discuss later. Well, the discussion isn't going to happen, but I hate to see those links go unmentioned, so here they are.

(Religions, Cults, and Miracles) slacktivist on Hermeneutics

(Creation/Evolution) IMAX vs. the Fundamentalists

(Religions, Cults, and Miracles) Divorce Judge bans Wicca

(Religions, Cults, and Miracles) Survey of Doctors on Religion

(Creation/Evolution) Catholics debating meaning of Cardinal's op-ed on evolution

(UFOs and Aliens) Sleep paralysis at Science News Online

(Cryptozoology) Bigfoot

(Science and Technology) Shuttle Trouble - Where is the science?

(Creation/Evolution) Santorum says to teach the controversy

After this maybe I can start posting about stuff when it's still relevant!

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September 11, 1998

Famous Bigfoot Film 'May Be Fake'

Famous Bigfoot Film 'May Be Fake'
The Australian Skeptics found this article in the September 7 edition of The Adelaide Advertiser. "This is one of the most famous pieces of amateur film in the world purporting to show Bigfoot - a mysterious ape-like creature - in the Californian wilderness. But the film could be a hoax."

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