December 31, 2006

Saddam Execution Conspiracy Theories

Well that didn't take long. Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging, but full video of the entire process isn't available yet, therefore... it's a conspiracy! Saddam isn't really dead! The entire thing was faked!

Or so goes the claim of at least one web site (and I suspect others). The motivation, this site claims, is that a living Saddam Hussein could then contact the Sunni insurgents and tell them to stop their attacks. Saddam would agree to do this because, after stability in Iraq is achieved, the US could launch an attack on Iran, which Saddam also wants. (Why do they have to pretend to kill Saddam at all? This isn't really explained clearly, but I guess it's to appease the Shiites and Kurds.)

The entire evidence for this claim is the fact that full video of the hanging wasn't available immediately on the Internet. I suspect that full video being made available still wouldn't stop the conspiracy theories. After all, videos can be faked. For that matter, even hangings can be faked -- just ask Penn and Teller. I expected "Saddam is not dead" conspiracy theories; I just expected them to come from Muslims in the Middle East, not from some guy in Italy.

Link: Saddam Hussein is not DEAD.

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