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February 13, 2005

Universe Today - What Did Galileo See?

Galileo was born on February 15, 1564 -- 441 years ago this Tuesday. As a quick celebration, pop over to Universe Today and read What Did Galileo See? Here's an excerpt:

There can be no doubt that Galileo's early adoption of the recently invented spyglass for astronomical purposes marked a major departure toward the way we now view the world. For before Galileo's era the heavens and the Earth were not in accord. The bulk of the thinking going on previous to Galileo was scholastic in nature. Truth depended on the words of the ancients - words which carried greater weight of authority than natural law and behavior. It was the era of faith - not science - that Galileo was born into. But his observations built a bridge between Terrum et Coelum. Earth and sky became part of a single natural order. The telescope could demonstrate to anyone with an open mind that there was more to all things than could be conceived of by the great minds of the past. Nature had begun to instruct the hearts and minds of humanity...

But let us speak no more of Earth-shaking events. What did Galileo actually see in the early months of the year 1610?

Perhaps the best way to celebrate his birth would be to grab you telescope, step outside, and take a peek at the sky. (Alas, I have no telescope yet. I keep wanting to get one, but higher priorities keep getting in the way. Oh well, now that I have a son, I'll soon have an excuse to buy one -- "It's for our child's education!")

Link: Universe Today - What Did Galileo See?.

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The "educational" claim takes a while. It took me two years to get my wife to agree to model rocketry for my son (age 2.5).

Posted by: marc | Feb 14, 2005 12:33:53 PM

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