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February 09, 2005

Human Being Recall Notice

Greg Porter emailed this Human Being Recall Notice to me and I thought it was great! Here's an excerpt:

In an unprecedented move today, the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission on Product Safety (ECPS) announced a joint recall of the human race. Citing shoddy workmanship, poor design and premature failure of the units, the recall is meant to force the manufacturer, Intelligent Design Inc., to address these complaints.

This action follows a similar, independent lawsuit by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. When asked to comment on the joint US/EU action, he said "It is clear that this problem extends beyond US borders. All models of humanity have been plagued with numerous problems since the start. While early models were quite durable, with one example lasting 969 years, quality rapidly declined, and in many cases, units do not last for even the vaguely implied warranty of 'three score and ten years' listed in the fine print of the badly translated product manual."

Funny! I've sometimes heard claims to the effect that the perfection of the world around us is evidence of God -- and have wondered what planet these people are referring to as home! (Experiment: Ask a woman who is in the middle of delivering an 8 pound baby though a tiny little opening whether she can think of any improvements on the design of the human body.)

Link: Human Being Recall Notice.

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