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January 30, 2005

The Conservative Voice says Evolution Caused the Holocaust

Jonathan Safarti has written an opinion piece in The Conservative Voice that blames the Theory of Evolution for the Holocaust and the Columbine shootings, among other horrors. Here are some excerpts:

Instead, as documented in the current CEN Technical Journal,3 Nazis eagerly made use of the evolutionary concepts already entrenched in German academia. Note that the subtitle of Darwin’s The Origin of Species by means of natural selection was: The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. Evolutionary teachings were simply carried to their logical conclusion by the Nazis who tried to exterminate the ‘inferior’ races like the Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs, as well as the ‘unfit’ (e.g. the handicapped).


However, the Western nations have not learned the lessons of the horrific wars and genocides this century. Evolution is today entrenched in our universities even more than it was in Nazi Germany.


And our report of the Columbine High School massacre documents the on-going effects of evolutionary thinking in the young (How to build a bomb in the public school system).

Strange. I suspect it is a bad strategy for the creationists to use the argument that, if some people use Darwin's writings to justify their patently evil actions, then we must stop teaching what Darwin wrote. The reason being that the obvious counterargument would be to ask what it means when some people use God's writings to justify their patently evil actions.

Link: The Conservative Voice - Opinion: The Holocaust and Evolution.

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