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January 29, 2005

"Stealth Attack On Evolution" in Time

The January 31 issue of Time includes the article, Stealth Attack On Evolution. The article describes the ongoing attempts to get Intelligent Design into the classroom, noting recent activities in Kansas, Georgia, and Dover, Pennsylvania. It also quotes NCSE Director Eugenie Scott and to a certain extent it seems to support our side.

A look at where the Discovery Institute gets much of its money and at the religious beliefs of many scientists who support I.D. makes it reasonable to suspect that Scott's assertion is correct: intelligent design is just a smoke screen for those who think evolution is somehow ungodly.

For the most part, however, it just reports on the controversy, without really explicitly taking one side or the other. I always find it frustrating to read articles like that. It's like reading, "Tom believes that we should eat babies, because it will reduce overpopulation and they are nutritious. Karen, on the other hand, finds the idea appalling and is opposed to it." Yes? And? What do you think?

One other bit that I noticed while reading this on Time's web site is that, in their "Sponsored Links" in the right-hand column, there are these three:

  • Proof of Creationism, a book that "offers you, the reader, verifiable proof that the Biblical story of creation harmonizes with science today. It's the first book that offers rationale for beliefin lieu of blind faith."
  • Answers in Genesis, the well-known Old Earth Creationism web site.
  • The Truth is Simple, a book that claims "Who are we really? What is our real purpose? Why is everything the way it is? What will happen to us? The truth is simple. The Answer to the Question."

Three sponsored links, none of them science-oriented.

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