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January 29, 2005

NCSE on Georgia House Bill 179

The NCSE has coverage of a bill introduced on January 27 in the Georgia House of Representatives that would require teaching " factual scientific evidence inconsistent with or not supporting the theory" of evolution -- i.e. Intelligent Design.

The NCSE notes that a similar bill was introduced in 1998, but this one differs by containing "contains a subsection claiming that it is 'intended to strengthen the analytical skills of students' and 'not intended to authorize or promote the presentation of religious beliefs,' apparently attempting to render it constitutional under the purpose prong of the Lemon test."

Apparently the bill's sponsor is hoping that all you need to do to make a bill non-religious is to include a bit of language claiming that it is non-religious.

According to the article, the bill has little chance of becoming law.

Link: New antievolution legislation.

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