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January 31, 2005

Creationism "Speciation Event" observed

Over on Joe McFaul's Law Evolution Science and Junk Science, we learn that there has perhaps been a Creationism "Speciation Event". A what?! Well, here's an excerpt:

The lawsuit is filed by lawyer Larry Caldwell of Roseville California against the local school district and board members.  The lawsuit arises out of Mr. Caldwell's proposal to present an alternative viewpoint to the teaching of evolution.


Most humorous is his effort to distance himself from Intelligent Design. The suit doesn’t mention Intelligent Design” except to deny its involvement.  Apparently Creationism’s Trojan Horse now needs its own Trojan Horse. This appears to be a "speciation event" in the long process of creationism's evolution.


Instead of forthrightly advocating the teaching of Intelligent design, his proffered plan teaches a "minority Scientific Viewpoint."   Apparently Intelligent Design has become so well identified as a front for religious interference in schools that it can no longer be effectively used. The term du jour for "creationism" is has now become “Minority Scientific Viewpoint.“ I guess this could be termed a “speciation event” in the continuing evolution of “creationism.”

It makes sense, I suppose. In a more conservative state, where the fundamentalists are more prevalent, there's less need to dress the wolf of creationism in the sheep's clothing of science. California, on the other hand, is generally liberal and thus would look less favorably on creationism or ID.

In short, it is a different environment, and evolution quite plainly shows that creatures in different environments evolve differently. How's that for irony? :-)

I suspect it's just an isolated event, however. Intelligent Design probably has many more years of life left in it.

Link: Law Evolution Science and Junk Science: Creationism "Speciation Event" observed.

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