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July 26, 2000

Welcome to the Skeptic News! Really!

Greetings, fellow skeptics! No, your computer didn't suddenly lose the web address of the Skeptic News. We're running using new software, which should make keeping the site updated much easier! This should mean more regular updates. In order to really take advantage of all of the new features, you should create a login ID and password. This will allow you to customize the types of news items that you see, as well as discuss each news item with other visitors to the Skeptic News. It will take a few days for us to figure out all of the new features of the software and work out any kinks, so please bear with us and report any problems you encounter.

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Looks Great!

I have had the Skeptic News as my homepage here at work for about a year and a half now. I am happy to see that it's not only customizable and interactive now, but back to a daily update schedule. I miss it when it's gone Wally. Also, welcome aboard David.

Posted by: Chuck Hansen | Aug 10, 2000 6:00:00 AM

Hey, Ptahlis, how's it going? Glad to see you over here!

I decided to help out Wally because I don't have enough other things going on. (Where's a rolling-eyes smiley when you need one?)

-- "It's a very dangerous thing to believe in nonsense." -- James Randi

Posted by: David Bloomberg | Aug 10, 2000 6:43:00 PM

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