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September 27, 1998

Roahn Wynar Listens to Abductees in Austin

Roahn Wynar Listens to Abductees in Austin
In this new article on Roahn H. Wynar's Clearinghouse of Pseudoscience and Quackery in Central Texas (quick, say that five times fast!), Roahn says, "In the first lecture, author, radio personality, metaphysics educator and alien abductee Robert Perala filled us in on the contents of his new book, The Divine Blueprint, available now at Barnes and Noble. If you roll up greed, self-delusion and shamelessness in a single piece of pita bread, then you have just constructed Perala's brain." But tell us how you really feel, Roahn! Later in the same article, Roahn reports, "we spent a half hour at a lecture called 'The Metaphysics of Being Gay,' delivered by a sincere but wacky guy named Kurt Wagner. Metaphysics is the systematic investigation of 'first principles' and the philosophical examination of ultimate reality. It is a fascinating subject that is legitimately studied by philosophers all over the world. We did not know, however, that it shed light on being gay." Hey, any theory involving "chakras" has to be fun!

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