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September 01, 1998

Recent Issues of Hawaii Rational Inquirer

Recent Issues of Hawaii Rational Inquirer
Victor Stenger's Hawaii Rational Inquirer is an e-mail newsletter that gets distributed every couple of weeks. Recent articles include Skeptics Skeptical of Skeptical JAMA Article, Hofstadter on Popular Attitudes Toward Science, Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan, and English Professor Comments on Randi-Olsen Squabble in the August 16 issue; Russell on Evolution and the Mind of God, Showering is Bad for You, Bowling Green Rejects Course on Political Correctness, and Quackery Thriving in Vet Medicine in the August 21 issue; and Secrets of the Psychics, Psychic Pet? Not!, and Deconstructing Infinity in the August 28 issue.

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