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August 31, 1998

Skeptic Classification Scheme List Archive

Skeptic Classification Scheme List Archive
A couple of weeks ago, I ran an item about the Skeptic Classification Scheme List, a new e-mail list operated by Kjetil Kjernsmo, webmaster of the Norwegian skeptics. The list was formed to discuss the creation of a method for classifying, organizing, and locating skeptic resources on the web. The intent is to create something like the equivalent of a "Dewey Decimal System" for skeptical topics. One possible application of this would be to create a Yahoo-like automated search engine, which would allow the user interested in a particular topic to locate relevant documents scattered on numerous sites. Now that a couple of weeks have passed, the discussion has begun in earnest. If you haven't joined the e-mail list, you might want to check the archives -- and then join the list!

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